Royals’ on-air teams to return

Familiar voices — some very familiar — will be making the calls on radio and TV.

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Royals fans will hear familiar voices during radio and television broadcasts this season.

Mike Swanson, the team’s vice president for communications and broadcasting, said the Royals Radio Network will return intact. That team is composed of announcers Denny Matthews, Steve Physioc and Steve Stewart, as well as manager of operations Don Free.

Ryan Lefebvre will again call games on Fox Sports Kansas City as well as on radio. Rex Hudler said his option for 2014 was picked up, so he will return to Fox Sports KC.

“It’s been really fun,” Hudler said. “The excitement of this team and all of (general manager) Dayton Moore’s plans and everything are going right on time just like he told me a few years ago when I came here. Ryan Lefebvre will again call games on Fox Sports Kansas City as well as radio broadcasts.

“It’s really fun to go to the ballpark and see the excitement on these Royals’ fans’ faces, and I’m looking forward to a playoff game this year,” Lefebvre said. “I’m sure that’s what I’m thinking, even these guys coming to camp here.”

For Hall of Fame broadcaster Matthews, this will be his 46th season calling Royals games. He again will miss some of the Royals’ extended road trips in 2014.

“Denny will keep the same basic schedule,” Swanson said.

This will be Lefebvre’s 16th season with the Royals and his 20th calling games in the major leagues. Stewart will be in his seventh season with the Royals, while Physioc and Hudler joined the Royals’ broadcast team in 2012.

Joel Goldberg, who was host of the Royals Live pre-game and postgame shows, also is expected to return. To reach Pete Grathoff, call 816-234-4330 or Follow him at